About michelle

Meet the Navy veteran and current mother of three boys who is seeking to help shape the development of our children.

I was born in Taiwan into a military family with American/Chinese roots.

My mother is Chinese and a naturalized citizen who holds dual citizenship. My father is American and was enlisted Air Force; a Vietnam veteran retiring after 24 years of service. My father retired a second time as a Corrections Officer from the California correctional system. I grew up in a lower middle income military family where both parents worked and at least one parent with an additional part time job. I understand the dual-income needs of many families. I spent the majority of my formative years in Taiwan and the Philippines. My family settled in northern California where I finished high school.

My education includes:

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of California, San Diego

Masters of System Technology from the Naval Postgraduate School

Masters of Military Science from the US Marine Corps University

I was an officer in the US Navy for 22 years.

I was commissioned an officer in the US Navy in 1993. I served tours of duty on two aircraft carriers making deployments in both the Persian Gulf and Western Pacific. I completed several tours ashore at various headquarters managing programs with budgets of $995M and supervising over 400 people. More information on my military career is available in my military biography at the bottom of the page. I retired as a Commander from the US Navy in 2015 to raise my sons and moved to State College. We chose to settle in State College because of the outstanding school district and my husband’s ties as a graduate of Penn State. We currently live in Ferguson Township.

I now have a second career as an active stay-at-home mom raising three boys and volunteering in SCASD.

Two of my sons attend Delta Middle School and the youngest is at Ferguson Township Elementary School. I believe the best predictor of a child’s success is the extent to which families encourage all learning and involve themselves in their children’s academic and personal development. In light of this:

I’ve served on the FTE PTO executive board for the last five years helping to formalize the organization through recognition as a 501c3 non-profit and PA non-profit incorporation and raising funds to pay for all school supplies, field trips, and family fun events. I support the Delta Middle Student Advisory Council as a Parent Advisor.

Over the last three years, I assisted SCASD by substituting as a paraprofessional and secretary when needed and more recently, as the Chairperson of the SCASD Citizens Advisory Committee for Technology.

I am experienced in the navigation of SCASD special education and gifted policies and procedures taking specific interest in helping fellow special needs parents navigate the SCASD system.

I also focus my efforts on supporting the boys’ athletics clubs including State College Youth Wrestling (SCYW), State College (SC) Lions Youth Football, and State College Little League (SCLL).

My husband was a Submarine Officer in the US Navy and former Professor of Naval Science at Penn State. He retired in 2019 after 28 years of service and is heavily involved in managing and coaching SCYW, SC Youth Lions Football, and SCLL.

Why I am running for SCASD School Director and what I bring to the table:

SCASD is a high performing district and one of the main reasons my family relocated here. I will make the time to take an active role in preserving and improving upon the high quality of our school system by sharing my knowledge and leadership skills gained from career and life experiences.

As a career Naval Officer and leader, I feel it is important to put programs and policies in place that encourage our children to learn and engage in logic-based critical thinking, creativity, and positive inter-personal collaboration; all with the intent to improve problem solving skills.

As someone that identifies with many people of varying backgrounds, I can represent different groups in our community and ensure that others have a voice in the SCASD decision-making process to close achievement and opportunity gaps.

As an experience manager of multi-million dollar programs, I can help influence the fiscal health of the district and how our taxpayer money is spent.

As an effective communicator and good listener, I can facilitate stronger ties between the school board and other community stakeholders.

I am committed to fostering the intellectual and personal growth of students, inspiring them to lead a purposeful life. We accomplish this by instilling in them strong moral characteristics such as integrity, courage, fortitude, work ethic, and gratitude so they are able to flourish in an ever-changing global society.

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