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Michelle glenn young for Scasd school director

SCASD is a high performing district and one of the main reasons my family relocated here. As the mother of three boys in SCASD, my husband Scott and I understand first hand the rewards and challenges facing parents of children in public school. As a retired Naval Officer, I understand the rewards and challenges of leadership and the responsibility it brings. Because of this unique experience, I feel well qualified to run for SCASD School Director. I have the time to dedicate to taking an active role in preserving and improving upon the high quality of our school system by sharing my knowledge and leadership skills gained from career and life experiences. I am a fair-minded person who researches the facts and seeks out differing opinions. I can represent different groups in our community and ensure that others have a voice in the SCASD decision-making process. I can help influence the fiscal health of the district and how our taxpayer money is spent. As an effective communicator and good listener, I can facilitate stronger ties between the school board and other community stakeholders.

I am committed to fostering the intellectual and personal growth of students, inspiring them to lead a purposeful life. We accomplish this by instilling in them strong moral characteristics such as integrity, courage, fortitude, work ethic, and gratitude so they are able to flourish in an ever-changing global society.

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US is a Great Nation

I have spent a signficant percentage of my life living and working overseas, lending me a unique global perspective on how the US rates when compared to foreign nations. The fundamental freedoms afforded us by our Constitution are so embedded in our lives that many of us take it for granted. It is individual liberty, innovation, moral fortitude, and entrepreneurship that makes the US a leader among nations. It is important that our children understand all that our nation offers in comparison to the current global environment.

Content of Their Character

It is our responsibility as parents, guardians, and adults in the community to collectively develop our children into productive citizens. Teaching our children that resilience, courage, selflessness, gratitude, and an appreciation for a job well done will prepare them to effectively contribute to society. This investment in the development of our children is investing in the future of our township, borough, city, state, and nation.

Fiscal Stewardship

Fiscal stewardship represents the care, conservancy, planning, attention, upkeep, and management of our financial resources and decisions. I am a fiscal conservative with experience successfully managing multi-million dollar programs. My expertise lies in requirements management ensuring that the best value is gained from the resources available.

Family is the core of everything that we do and strive for. Families can be defined in many ways...through traditional familial relations to social and emotional ties. This support structure is what children depend on to grow academically and emotionally stronger.

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